Hello everyone, my name is Ranti. 
Sleek studio was introduced to me by a friend and i have been finding my face so nice since then, my name is Ranti with a rough face, (now Ranti with a smooth face) I was enlightened on how to use the products and it worked perfectly well, at first i didn't believe it would  but the sleek studio products are world class products to help you go all out and be your true self and i am glad because it really transformed and brought my look back to life.  I know that my before and after pictures would serve as a medium for my friends and others to know more about your products. Thanks!

Hello my name is Peculiar.

I live in the eastern part of Nigeria. I tried out the lightening in bottle and its so wonderful! I never thought I will get this kind of result in a short time. I decided to give it a try when I saw people's testimony online. I usually apply at d interior part of my laps every night and in two weeks I saw tremendous results so I began applying all over my body and am shinning :D.

NeuSkin reveal : this one...has made my skin brighter. To think am a dark girl and didnt want to become fair so I saw 'toning' and got a bit skeptical. I tried them anyway  and am thankful. My complexion is becoming even + bright as you can see, now I have decided to try out other skin care products......I cant wait to start. Thank you Sleek! Muah :D Here are the before and after pictures.....transformation thread!
Thank you very much.

Hi friends, i'm Gloria.  I fell in love with sleek skin care products after a friend introduced it to me. Was reluctant to try it at first but i did and now my appearance has improved greatly and i'm now more comfortable in my own skin. I'm currently using come clean gentle cleansing foam for makeup removal which smells a lot like green tea and feels smooth on the face and scrub away my troubles for my facial scrub which has a sweet citrus scent and also leaves my skin smooth and clean.... Thanks sleek for such amazing and affordable products.

Hello everyone, my name is Nnenna. 
Ever since i started using S Studio skin care products, i have been so happy with my skin!
initially i had really oily skin that tends to be shiny but now thats obviously never the case! it has been preventing my skin from producing excess oil.  Another thing is that i no longer have skin issues that i was having before..... Infact my physical appearance has improved so much. It has also help me to retain lost moisture in my skin thereby making me now look younger. I could go on and on and on in explaining how S•Studio skin care products have helped me without being able to list them here but in conclusion i must say that The products are just the best.
This is are my before and after picture. I am using is the lightening range and i really love my fresh and clear skin!

Hi everyone, my name is Anthonia.

Before using the products I took a 'before pix' just to be sure the product was working because I have tried so many products.I started with the scrub & lightening in a jar. I was asked to use the scrub 3x a week but I used it everyday consistently for 2weeks & the lightening in a jar every night.After 2weeks,the result I saw was unbelievable. I continued using it religiously for one month,then I took that 'after pix' I shared with u.The scrub is something else, it works like magic!!!
Thank you Sleek Studio and everysingle person!

Hello everyone! I am Tina. My face used be very rough.  I tried various products but they ended up given me a multi coloured skin whereas still leaving spots on my face. I saw sleek studio and liked d page on Facebook. I got introduced to the product and decided to try it.

I used clean n lightn to wash my face at night after which I clean my face with tone n lighn (facial cleanser). Then I apply d lightn in a jar last thing before going to bed. I also use the lightn in a bottle as my facial cream. Within 3 weeks, I was greatly impressed by the results I got. Thanks to S Studio. The product is great!

Good morning sleek studios n fans, my name is Joy. These are my before and after pics(before n after I came in contact with S Studio skincare products).
Right from my final year in school,I had serious acne breakout..and even after using various expensive scrubs,cleansers etc to no avail..I heard about S•Studio skincare products in 2013. My face was not something u wil like to look at twice(check out frst pics)..not even foundation and concealer could hide the acne, everybdy was askn what's wrong with ur face. As at then, I experienced some difficulty getting it in warri and port Harcourt so I went to d main office in lagos, Victoria island in December and got almost the whole range including body and face products. I used my scrub,cleanser and night cream 4 times a week. ie.scrub away my troubles,come clean,neuskin reveal(after scrubing,I use d foamy cleanser to wash off b4 rubbing my exfoliating night cream..
  woww...in less than two weeks(check out 2nd pics)..everybody was shouting..my friends were all patronising sleek too..in a month's time..you wuldnt believe that was me with al d acne..I made a routine and have been sticking to it since then till now..(I use d stroke of lightening mixed with lightening in a bottle, for my body, then I scrub,cleanse and exfoliate every week)infact till date I rarely use foundation..I only use my sleek foundation on very special ocasions,I just use my loose powder when goin out..my face is soo clear n free of acnes.(Check out last pics.recent pics).when I'm stressd and have some breakouts, I just use my scrub on the spot before I sleep and before I wake up its cleared out!

I'm a a sleeky baby!..I love sleek..I'm always refering my friends and family to sleek and they've never regretted It. my sleek fam and friends.
God bless us all.

Hi everyone, my name is Chinyere.
I started using Clean n lightening, Tone n lightening, Scrub away my Troubles and lightening in a jar when I noticed massive breakouts on my face.
After a few days, I noticed that the pimples are going off. Also black the  spots were clearing, my face now looks visibly fresher. since I've been using s•studio skin care products my face is getting better each day and brighter and not bleached in any way. I really love my S.Studio skin care.
Thanks a lot.

Hi darlings! These are my before and after pictures. My name is chidinma and I love S Studio.​ Since I started using the scrub away my trouble my face has started shining like a star , all your products are wonderful and there is this your particular product that has changed my skin (lightening in a jar) I so much like the product,  the product has changed my skin totally, I also use foaming facial cleanser, hydrating whitening toner, whitening night cream etc.


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