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Hello ladies (and Gentlemen....yes, you too can use these products!)

I have spent some time doing some research into what the best basic skin care routine should be. I have tested many products, using myself as a guinea pig to the extent that my facial skin was terribly harassed.

Now, using all my basic knowledge as a medical doctor, add to that my one year diploma in practical dermatology, and of course the results of my research, i am going to share my findings so far with you.

Listed below are the basic things you need to do daily if great skin is your goal.

WATER; Is an absolute necessity for flushing the system and keeping our cells functioning optimally. Adequate hydration, plumps up your facial skin cells, removes toxins thereby giving you a fresh healthy look. Drink at least 1.5L of water per day (one big swan water bottle) and see your skin glow. You cannot have a great skin if you dont drink enough water.

EXFOLIATE; This is simply a process of removing the top layers of your skin. Our skin is constantly renewing itself with the production of new cells to replace old and damaged cells. If you do not effectively remove the layer of old cells, your face begins to look tired, old, dull, with dark patches and blemishes. Effective exfoliation involves using a scrub to thoroughly cleanse the face and then application of an exfoliating cream. Making this part of your routine will reveal youthful, smooth, bright and even toned skin.

SUN PROTECTION; Contrary to popular belief, we (people of colour) need sun protection just as much as caucasians. It is true that the increased melanin content of our skin offers some protection but it is nowhere enough to effectively guard against the damaging, aging and cancer causing ultra violet rays. Regular use of sun protection lotion on the exposed parts of your skin will pay great dividends in the long run. It is also wise to potentiate the effectof your lotion by using a pressed powder with an SPF (sun protection factor) during the course of the day, our sleek luminous or suede effect powder all contain SPF.

THOROUGH CLEANSING; It is important to mention this because believe it or not, many people do not cleanse their faces effectively. You MUST cleanse twice especially if you wear make up. Think of the process of cleaning a room, you must sweep first before mopping, likewise you have to do the first facial cleanse, rinse then cleanse again with your face brush or puff. Omitting the first step is like mopping a room without sweeping first.

With all the above in mind, we have developed our skin care ranges that are sure to delight you.

EXFOLIATING RANGE; As the name implies is principally concerned with exfoliation. Regular use will exfoliate and beautify your skin. It is for those individuals who do not actually want to lighten their skin but only want their true skin colour to show forth. Be reminded that sun exposure and dead skin cells all contribute to hiding your natural skin colour ( notice that for most people, your face is usually darker than the unexposed part of the body). This range will eliminate the dullness and allow your bright natural colour to show through.

LIGHTENING RANGE; Is developed for people who wish to lighten their skin. We have used high quality lightening agent that do not damage the skin. Regular use will gradually lighten and brighten your skin. Please note that you will have to borrow one or two items from the exfoliating range to achieve maximum results. For example, the sun protection lotion is a MUST as well as the face scrub from the exfoliating range.

The ranges are meant to be inter used, You do not necessarily have to stick to one range only; feel free to pick items from both ranges to achieve your desired results. Plus, to keep your skin care performing optimally, it is adviseable to use one range for 3-4 months and then change to another range for another 3 months and then back again; keeping up this cycle will really help your skin care to stay efficient; so you can use the lightening range for 4 months, then switch to the exfoliating range for 3 months then back again.

This skin care works, trust me, you just have to use it as prescribed; do not cheat yourself of good skin by improper usage.

Feel free to email me ( for any additional questions or queries.

Finally, i know a lot of you will be asking 'What about body cream?' Please know without a doubt you are not meant to use the same product on your face and body. Body creams are developed with less ingredients than facial cream because our faces need more particular attention, you dont worry about wrinkles on your body as you will on your face, not so? Therefore it makes sense that facial creams and washes are more carefully developed.

However we do have an excellent body cream "STROKE OF LIGHTENING" which have all the necessary ingredients to keep your skin looking soft, fresh and touchable. You may apply it on the face if you wish, but we will recommend our more specialized facial creams.

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