Lightening Range

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A Dab of Lightening
A highly effective lightening serum. Application to areas of dark patches and blemishes will improve..
Ex Tax: =N=4,725.00
A Stroke of Lightening
A luxurious body cream, with lightning and smoothing properties. It makes your skin very silky in ad..
Ex Tax: =N=6,825.00
Clean n Lighten
Foaming Facial Cleanser. ..
Ex Tax: =N=3,500.00
Lightening in a Bottle
A whitening night cream that acts to repair the appearance of past damage by eliminating hyperpigmen..
Ex Tax: =N=3,350.00
Lightening in a Jar
The powerhouse of our range. This product is a real multi-tasker. It is anti-acne, skin healing, ski..
Ex Tax: =N=3,350.00
Tone n Lighten
A hydrating whitening toner. ..
Ex Tax: =N=3,400.00
Lightening Range
A complete set of all our lightening range of products ..
Ex Tax: =N=25,830.00
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